2D Shape sorting

 Today we have been sorting 2D shapes and in year 2 have been looking at the properties of different shapes. The year 1 children all worked together to create different sets of the same shapes.




Measuring mayhem…

Chestnut Class have been ultra busy this last two weeks, measuring. The year 1s have been measuring class room objects with standard measures, starting with cubes, beads and today metre sticks.


Year 2 haven been estimating and measuring their height, their feet and the length and width of various objects in metres, moving to cm’s and even talked about measuring in millimetres.


   We talked about the need for accurate measuring and working together. 
We have some great measuring stars in the making, it would be great for them to continue practicing at home.

It’s a Baby

Today we had our dress rehearsal and matinee performance of our nativity; It’s a Baby! The children were excellent!  

Sharing Assembly Rehearsals

Today we have been busy rehearsing for our Oi! Get Off Our Train and Superhero poem called If I Were A Superhero, by Sally Grey. By William H.

Useful links for the Summer

A few parents have asked me for some ideas for keeping up with reading and sounds over the summer holidays. The link below is for ‘galactic phonics’ and it has word lists for all of the read write inc red words (Those words which cant be sounded out with phonic knowledge – the exceptions). On each set there are lists to print and cut up to test at home during the holidays if you wish to do so.


Also….. here are some powerpoints of the green and red words in each read write inc set, (green words can be sounded out using phonic knowledge).





Happy reading 🙂

An afternoon of shelter building

5 shelters, some complete with gardens and paths! 


Testwood lakes

We’ve arrived at Testwood Lakes. We’re just about to take part in some willow weaving! 


If you go down to the woods today…

On Tuesday everybody brought in a teddy for our teddy bears picnic as part of our class treat. We went up to the Four Seasons learning garden and sat in the story circle to have some snacks and tell everyone about our bears! 



This afternoon we have been strengthening our models using paper mâché. The classroom is lovely and tidy!!


Our Ukulele Concert

The concert  was a great success. Thank you to Mrs Beaton for inspiring the children and for all the parents who came along to watch.